Saturday, June 10, 2006

New Horizons

WOW! From Transition to New Horizons.

In the exciting journey of restaurant service we are always moving. The opportunity to open a new concept was an offer I could not refuse. Sooo... here we are dancing to the exciting beat of developing something new. When one is fortunate enough to actually get paid for their passion "how cool is that"(quote from my better half)

The restaurant industry is changing. The days of formal aloof service is becoming a memory. Our customers are asking (no demanding) friendly, knowledgable and professional service. They want PEOPLE not robots to serve and make their dining experience memorable. Investors, Owners and managers who can't or won't reconize this trend will slowly fade into the past with the aforementioned formal service.

As we move forward on this exciting journey we better have on our running shoes. What! You don't have running shoes but you want to run the race. THAT! Sounds like the making of our next blog. You need the proper equipment to provide the best service. From technology, uniforms, etc. to china, glass and silver.

Stay tunned.........


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