Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Everything New

In our previous blog we commented on old service standards returning in a different form (i.e. tableside preparation without the cooking.) But what about new things replacing old? In our Restaurant Journey there is definitely a need for this. What is being replaced? MINDSET! Many seasoned restaurant professionals cling to the old way of providing service. From the stuffy aloof service of ultra formal dining rooms to the casual "hi honey" diner service. Many of us managers try and continue to manage in the old "burn em and turn em" management style that was so evident (and still is in some restaurants) 10-15 years ago. Well it's WAKE UP time for seasoned restaurant professionals, if they are going to be successful in today's restaurants. This means learning technology, new guest and employee relationships skills, food and wine trends, etc. Their is a saying "you can't put water in a glass that is already full." Before we can grow we must know we are short. Seasoned restaurant professionals must realize what worked in restaurant service 10-20 years ago will not necessarily work in today's restaurant environment. So my challenge to my fellow seasoned restaurant professionals; "let's stop reveling in how we did it in 70 and 80's and relish how we are doing it NEW in 2007.