Saturday, March 03, 2007

What Direction Should They Take?

Change is inevitable...Growth is optional. Let's look at a typical restaurant scenario. The Golden Plate Restaurant has been open for 10 years. It has been VERY successful until recently. The last two years business has decreased by 65%. Despite menu changes, staff training and last year an expensive renovation business continues to decline. After reviewing an in depth analysis by an outside consulting company the owners are reluctantly considering to sell the restaurant.


Keep the restaurant and hope business gets better or just sell the business they really love? There is one important item missing in this scenario. WHAT ARE THEIR CUSTOMERS SAYING.

Today possible one of the most important business tools is customer feedback. Using the technology we have feedback is almost instantaneous. Many times we cook, serve and manage restaurants based on our dream without listening to what the customers are telling us. GUESS WHAT? They go to our competitor down the street or across town. As we move forward on this Restaurant Service Journey let's start serving the customers based on their needs not ours. Is that a NEW thing?